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  • How long will it take to get my art back?
    Each medium we offer takes a different amount of time to get back: Painted pottery: About a week Clay: 1-2 Weeks Glass : 2-3 Weeks *During Holiday seasons times above decrease
  • How will I know if my art is finished?
    We will give you a phone call whenever your pieces are officially out of the kiln. If you don't answer, we will leave a message.
  • Does everything in the studio HAVE to be fired?
  • How much does it cost?
    Each project is individually priced with materials and firing included. Prices typically range from $18-$60.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    Yes, with the exception of most classes. To secure a spot in a class, you must pre-register. Our studio has limited seating, so it is best to call ahead for groups larger than 5 to make sure we have space available.
  • Do you sell clay?
    Yes, we carry: Armadillo Longhorn White- Lowfire Armadillo Cinco Rojo- High Fire Laguna B-Mix- High Fire
  • Do you sell paints/ glazes?
    Yes, we carry a variety of glazes made by Maco and Duncan as well as select acrylic paints.
  • Do you sell kiln supplies?
    No. We reccomend The Ceramic Store in Houston for local kiln supply needs.
  • Do you do birthdays?
    Yes! For any age! See our Birthday page.
  • Can I bring a piece I made/ bought in another studio to be fired?
    Yes, however we can only fire it if we know what type of clay it is made from. We typically only fire to temperatures of cone 6 and cone 06, so any outside clay has to fire to one of those. Additionally we sell clays : Longhorn White (06), B Mix (6), and Cinco Rojo (6).
  • I've been driving by for years, should I come in?"
    YAAAAAAAAAS! We have something for everyone!
  • I don't have time to finish my project, what do I do?"
    We don't charge for time spent in our studio. This means you can come and go as much as you like to finish a piece. Unfortunately we do not have space to store works in progress so we will wrap your work in newpaper and you will take it with you until you feel like returning to paint.
  • How much does it cost to fire clay pieces?
    If you just have a couple of pieces, we will measure the height and width in inches and add that together as your dollar amount. If you have multiple pieces we can bundle them as a half ($37.50) or full ($75) kiln load. *We only fire pieces to cones 04, 06, and 6.*
  • How late can we come in to do a project?
    All projects must be started within 30 minutes of closing.
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