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Are you planning a birthday ... or a shower ... or just wanting to have some fun with friends? Well, we can help! We will provide the balloons, table coverings, Happy Birthday banner and the space...you provide the cake, presents, other snack foods and the guests! We'll even take care of the clean-up.

Party Invitation

 Download one of the following ready-made invitations for your party:

Boy's Birthday

Girl's Birthday

Child's Party

General Party

Baby Shower

Here are just a few of the celebrations we've hosted at the Ceramic Center:

Bridal/Baby Showers Birthdays
Adult's Night Out
Couples "Date Night"
Work Groups/Team Building
Church Groups
Day Care/Homeschools

Party Pics at Ceramic and Pottery Center

How It Works

Step 1: Call us to discuss your party plans....281-332-4490
Step 2: Choose a fired art project...see a few of the options below
Step 3: Make a deposit; for parties after business hours, fill out the contract below
Step 4: Enjoy the party!


$3/person* (space is limited to approx. 20; drop-offs are welcome) +

Cost of art project (projects include materials & firings; start at $12 and up) +

Deposit ($25 for parties during business hours, non-refundable; applied to your bill on day of party) +

"After Hours Party Contract" for parties AFTER business hours

*Price per person includes everyone in attendance; party guests, parents waiting for party guests, etc.

(Click on above image for the After-Hours Party Contract form)

To schedule a party after business hours, please print the following contract and return the completed form to the Ceramic Center. You may either submit the form in person or send it via mail to our address (on the last page of the form).

Sample Fired Art Projects

(No prior experience required!)

Clay art projectsFUN WITH CLAY: Play like no one's watching! We'll provide you with clay and let your imagination do the rest! We'll be there to guide and inspire you. Use our stamps, texture mats, cutters and more! Look around and you will see lots of great project ideas. You can make something functional like a mug/plate or a decorative piece such as a wall hanging/sculpture. Choose colors for your piece from our studio glazes. The result will be a one-of-a-kind creation. After the party we will fire the piece for you and notify you when your piece is ready for pickup. Clay art projects start at $20.

Fused Glass art projectsFUSED GLASS: Want to create a glass piece that's functional AND beautiful? It's easier than you'd think! Just choose a base piece of glass; we have several base sizes to choose from, lots of colors of glass and all the tools you'll need. Create a design over the base using pre-cut pieces of glass in many shapes. Look around the studio for inspiration or browse through our project books. No matter your experience level we'll be there to guide you every step of the way. After the party we will fuse the piece and notify you when your work of art is ready to take home! Click here for more on our glass art projects. Glass art projects start at $15.

Painted Ceramics art projectsPAINTED CERAMICS: There are so many choices, the hardest part is picking just ONE project to do! Take a tour of the studio; we've got many samples in a wide range of price points. Tell us what you're planning for your party and we can help you select items within your budget. On the day of the party, we will be there to guide your guests to choose a piece. Guests will have access to studio paints and design tools such as stamps. They can choose to follow one of our samples or make something completely unique. After the party we will fire the pieces and notify you when they are ready for pickup. Painted ceramic projects start at $12.

Metal Clay art projectsMETAL CLAY: We will provide everything you need to create your own heirloom quality, pure metal piece of art/jewelry. Starting with metal in clay form (silver, copper or brass), you will determine the shape of the piece, create a surface design (there are many clay stamps to choose from) and prepare it for the kiln. While we fire your piece you can enjoy food and fun with your friends. Once the piece is fired, we'll take you through the process of finishing your masterpiece! Do you want it bright and shiny? Antiqued? You'll take home a finished piece that is 99.9% pure, precious metal. Click here for more on metal clay art.  The cost of Metal Clay art projects fluctuate with the price of metals; call for an estimate: 281-332-4490.